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The form in which OSH and Fire Safety training is conducted is not defined by legislation, but by the employer. Online INSTRUCTOR training courses have been taking place since 2002. Every year, more than 5,000 organizations and 750,000 employees receive training in this way.

The Learning Management System (LMS) platform, interactive online courses and professional support, are provided by PREVENT, the advisory company, which guarantees that the OSH and Fire Safety training courses fulfill legislative requirements.

For those customers who choose online INSTRUCTOR training within the framework of our OSH and Fire Safety consultancy services, we automatically prepare an additional course focused on OSH and Fire Safety within their organization.

Customers who choose online INSTRUCTOR training only, i.e. the OSH and Fire Safety training is carried out by themselves or by a different provider, have the possibility to:

  • FREE OF CHARGE - Add specific information to INSTRUCTOR with regards to OSH and Fire Safety (risks, instructions, internal documentation, etc.)

  • FOR A SMALL FEE - Add a course focused on OSH and Fire Safety on the basis of a template, which we will make available.

INSTRUCTOR offers a variety of tools that enhance the effectiveness of OSH and Fire Safety training. These include:

  • automated arrangement of training courses
  • hands-on interactive training

  • access to current and relevant legislation during the course
  • adjustable tests to verify the knowledge acquired

  • training records, incl. electronic verification (no paperwork)

  • free access to the courses, even after they have been completed

  • access to lecturer 24/7, even after the course is finished

  • updates about important changes in legislation between refresher courses

INSTRUCTOR offers a high level of legal protection:

  • contractual guarantee (content, lecturer, updates, support)

  • evidence of completed training (customer logins, verifiable content, training records)

The Learning Management System (LMS) platform, online courses and professional support are provided directly by PREVENT, the advisory company.

Individual trainings are performed:

  • OSH - Occupational Safety and Health - defined by the employer; in practice, once every two years is recommended.

  • Fire Safety - according to Decree No. 246/2001 Coll., for both management and employees, once every three years.

  • Driver Training - defined by the employer; once a year is recommended.

  • First Aid - defined by the employer; once every two years is recommended.

INSTRUCTOR allows you to run your own courses on various topics. We can prepare them for you or give you information about how to prepare them yourself.

If you are considering the broader use of e-learning, we can offer you the EDUNIO platform. This encompasses a wide range of options for online learning, delivering information, and communication with your employees.

INSTRUCTOR offers the electronic signing of training certificates. This option enables you to do away with excessive paperwork (printing, signing, sending, scanning), thereby helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

After finishing the course, the participant is sent an e-mail to electronically sign their certificate, which they do by using a device with a touch screen or a mouse and by entering their PIN to verify their identity. The signed certificate is subsequently stored in the administration and in the customer part of the LMS, and can be printed off if needed.

We enjoy having satisfied customers and are often sought out by Human Resources Officers when they start working for a new employer. We offer attractive loyalty discounts.

Special conditions may also be offered when cooperation involves multiple entities. Please do not hesitate to tell your friends about us :-)

Our purpose is to help. Schools, homes for young people, nursing homes, medical facilities and non-profit organizations receive discounts.

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We have been providing online training in the field of OHS since 2002. More than 5,000 organizations use our e-learning services and products.

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