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About the course

The online driver training course is intended for training:

  • company car drivers (employees who drive a business or even a private vehicle on business trips) 
  • and professional drivers (employees who have to drive a vehicle as part of their work in the employment contract).

The course includes a practical interactive explanation, current legislation, a test to verify knowledge, and a certificate of completion.

Available in Czech and English.


Content and obligations

PREVENT's online driver training acquaints employees with special legal regulations for driving on business trips and new or problematic rules on the road, the procedure in the event of an accident, or the principles of safe and defensive driving.

Most occupational accidents in the Czech Republic occur when driving motor vehicles, so we offer very practical interactive courses, the aim of which is not only to fulfil the legislative obligation, but above all effective education for the safe driving of motor vehicles by employees on business trips.

The accompanying services also include up-to-date information on news and changes in traffic rules.


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