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Train your employees simply, quickly, and in full compliance with valid legislation.

The No. 1 in Czech e-learning for mandatory OHS and FP training courses from the advisory company PREVENT.

Why is it necessary to train

OHS and FP training courses are mandatory for employers in the area of risk prevention. Without them, you place yourself in, among others, the following dangers.
  • 1 reduction of insurance payments in the event of a job-related injury
  • 2 reduction of insurance payments in the event of a traffic accident
  • 3 reduction of insurance payments in the event of fire
  • 4 fines imposed by a state fire safety authority
  • 5  fines imposed by employment inspection
  • 6  fines imposed by the public health protection authorities

How can you train

In comparison with the traditional form of attendance, our e-learning brings a whole range of advantages.

Traditional training

  • Demanding organisation of a training course
  • Lost time resulting from their organisation
  • Expensive journeys to the venue
  • Limited possibilities of presentation of the issues trained
  • Time lag in being informed about news and changes

PREVENT e-learning

  • Automatic organisation of a training course
  • Individual selection of time and place of training
  • Attractive interpretation with the latest legislation using multimedia presentations
  • Contractual guarantee and an instructor available 24/7
  • Immediate information about news and changes

E-learning functions


The output of the training is a printed certificate with all the prescribed particulars that is also registered in electronic format.


An online instructor answers questions and guarantees compliance with legislative requirements 24/7.


An employee receives an e-mail invitation to attend the training course in a period following the previous training events.


Attestation of personnel is provided in the form of a final test with customisable conditions for completion.

We have a solution for everybody

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